Due to the instability of ALEO official test network nodes, transactions may fail.

Private Swap

AlphaSwap empowers you to conduct private and anonymous transactions, ensuring your token and transaction details remain confidential. Utilize the "Manage My Private Token" feature to effortlessly toggle between private and public token visibility, maintaining control over your privacy.
Amount InBalance: 0
Max: 0
Due to the UTXO implementation mechanism, the amount of a single transfer is limited.
Amount OutBalance: 0
0 (Private) + 0 (Public)
Wear Ratio

To improve the success rate of private trades, it is recommended to set a private swap wear ratio as protection in case of slippage. This will reduce the amount of private tokens earned from the trade, but the part not consumed by slippage will be returned in the form of public tokens.

Refund Address

Any portion unused in a transaction "wear part" will be refunded to your specified address as public tokens. For added privacy in your transactions, consider using an alternate wallet address.


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